Centro Inc. and Papermill’s Success Story with Waltron’s 9035 Sodium Analyzer

9035 Sodium Analyzer Delivers Precision, Efficiency and Unparalleled Cost Savings to Paper Mill Customer

Centro Inc., an esteemed flow control solutions provider to many manufacturing industries, has recently played a pivotal role in drastically improving process flow control in a paper mill’s manufacturing process. Through the introduction and installation of Waltron’s innovative 9035 Sodium Analyzers, Centro Inc. delivered precision, efficiency, and unparalleled cost savings to their client.

The Client

An established paper mill seeking enhanced accuracy in fluid process control.

Customer Challenges

The client needed to grapple with their then-current sodium analyzer equipment’s inaccuracy, daily maintenance, and tedious calibration processes, which impacted their manufacturing efficiency.

Solution Provider

Centro Inc. is a reputable distributor and sales representative with expertise in manufacturing process flow control solutions.

Solution Implemented

The Waltron 9035 Sodium Analyzer is renowned for its superior performance, fully automatic calibration, and user-friendly operations.

Waltron 9035 Analyzer
“The analyzers are so efficient that they would pay for themselves within one year through savings on time and materials.”

Jennifer Giddens

Centro, Inc Account Manager

Centro Inc.’s expertise and Waltron’s advanced analytical technology swiftly changed the tides for their paper mill client.

This collaboration is a testament to the dynamic duo of having a robust US-based manufacturer like Waltron and a knowledgeable, local distribution partner such as Centro Inc., who offer continual monthly service and keep the businesses well-stocked with cost-effective reagents. The paper mill’s satisfaction echoes the importance of selecting tailored, sophisticated solutions in process control, which yield far-reaching benefits.

The Situation

A key player in the paper manufacturing industry was experiencing frustration due to the deficient performance of a well-known brand’s sodium analyzer.

The device was critical to the client’s operation, utilized in two critical areas within the paper mill’s makeup water and boilers that required high accuracy.

Faced with this challenge, their trusted distribution and sales partner, Centro Inc., suggested a solution that could provide precise results without the extensive calibration time.

Centro’s insightful assessment and local service, coupled with Waltron’s cutting-edge instruments, delivered an outcome that extended beyond the frontiers of cost savings and efficiency.

The Approach

In response to the client’s needs, Centro Inc. suggested the implementation of Waltron’s 9035 Sodium Analyzer. Recognized for delivering distinct results and designed to be a self-contained unit, the solution presented a superior alternative with its advanced features:

  • Enhanced color touchscreen interface for hassle-free calibration and maintenance.
  • Automatic calibration enables the paper mill to check all its analyzers quickly and efficiently (less than 30 minutes), saving dozens of man-hours.
  • Compatibility with lower-cost reagents that are readily available and can be ordered online without the worry of backorders. 
  • Local representative support and service with access to a North American-based manufacturer.

The Results

After implementing the first analyzer and witnessing the impactful results, the paper mill installed five additional (3) Waltron Sodium and (2) Silica Analyzers. Long-term results include:

  • Increased Accuracy: Waltron’s 9035 Sodium Analyzer significantly improved measurement precision.
  • Automation of Calibration: The advanced system allowed fully automatic calibration, reducing labor hours and eliminating manual errors.
  • Cost-Effective Reagents: Centro Inc. facilitated the client’s access to affordable and readily available reagents provided by Waltron.
  • Time and Cost Savings: The analyzers were so efficient that they would pay for themselves within one year through savings on time and materials.

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