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Get the best analyzers from Waltron for your Power Generation, Petrochemical, Pulp and Paper, Water/Ultra Pure Water, Semiconductor, and Environmental industries. Shop our different products by parameter, model range, and technology to find the right fit for your application.

Water and Steam Quality Monitoring Instruments

With over 120 years of quality and innovation leadership, Waltron today offers the most technologically advanced solutions in online analytical instrumentation. Our modern water analyzers are designed to be operated and maintained by just about anyone and to fit just about any plant’s budget. Click on each model number to learn more.

Chlorine, free90920-1000ug/L (ppb), 0-10mg/L (ppm)Potentiostatic
Conductivity, Specific4000 SC
0-9.999µS/cm, 0-99.99µS/cmMultiple Technologies
Conductivity, Electrodless4000 EC
pH/orp4000 PH
Conductivity, Multicon & pH9095
0-9.999µS/cm, 0-99.99µS/cmCationic Exchange
Conductivity, Degas Cation9096
4000 DC
0-9.999µS/cm, 0-99.99µS/cmDynamic Degassing
Copper, dissolved30450-100ppb, 0-3ppm*Colorimetric
Ethylene / Propylene Glycol30490-15ppm, 0-150ppmColorimetric
Filming Amines30540-500ppbColorimetric
Hardness, Calcium30510-250ppb, 0-1ppmColorimetric
Hardness / Alkalinity6051Multiple rangesTitrimetric
0-100ppb, 0-500ppb
0-1000 µg/L(ppb)
Hydrogen, dissolved9091
9091C portable
0-1000µg/L, 0-10mg/L,
Iron, dissolved30480-250ppb, 0-500ppb, 0-5ppm*Colorimetric
Multi-Sensor40731-3 channels, mix and match of sensorsMultiple
Oil in Water24100-99ppmNephelometric
Oxygen, dissolved9165
4000 DO
9165S smart sensor
9165P portable
0-200ppb, 0-2000ppb, 0-45ppmLuminescent
Phosphate30420-5ppm, 0-20ppm, 0-150ppm*, 0-300ppmColorimetric
Sample Sequencer90102 – 4 channelsSequencer
Silica30410-1000ppb, 0-5ppm, 0-150ppm*, 0-300ppmColorimetric
Sodium9031CX compact
9033X auto cal
9035 enclosure
0.1ppb-10ppmIon Selective
*using internal dilution. Other parameters and ranges are available on request.

Waltron 4000 Series Transmitter

Introducing the Waltron 4000 Series

Introducing the next evolution of reliable and high-precision analyzers for the monitoring of conductivity and pH: the Waltron 4000 Series. Built and tested to the highest quality standards, this innovative and easy-to-use analytical instrumentation is the perfect tool to track water quality.

Discontinued Analyzers

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