Sample Conditioning Module

Waltron's Sample Conditioning Module

Sample Conditioning Module

The Waltron Series Single Point Sample Conditioning Module is designed to monitor water quality in industrial and power generation settings, preparing water samples for precise analysis. It adjusts sample temperature, pressure, and flow to suit analytical instrument requirements, ensuring accurate and representative measurements. This module helps maintain water quality, prevent equipment damage, and ensure regulatory compliance by facilitating reliable water chemistry monitoring.


  • Modules are pre-engineered to your specifications

  • Minimal maintenance

  • Module delivered assembled with only cooling water, sample, and drain connections required for start-up

  • Protection of instrumentation

  • List of options accommodates conditioning for any sample

  • Ensure correct sampling conditions

  • Convenient stainless steel sink holds grab sample bottle and acts as drain

  • Handles a wide range of samples, pressures, and temperatures for peak performance

  • Variety of analyzers can be mounted directly onto unit with larger plate

  • Unit is compact and lightweight

  • Variety of analyzers can be mounted directly onto unit with larger plate


Pressure Low Pressure: 0 – 1000 psig / 70 bar; High Pressure: 1000 – 5000 psig / 350 bar

Temperature Low Temp:0– 450°F / 232°C;High Temp:up to 1000°F / 537°C

Flow Up to 1500 ml/min

Cooling Water Specifications

Pressure 35 – 150 psig / 2.45 – 10.5 bar

Temperature Up to 100°F/37°C

Flow 4–12 gpm / 15.14 – 45.43 ml/min

Cooling water inlet/outlet connections: from 3/8” FNPT to 3/4” FNPT

System Specifications

Backplate 17“ x 27“ / 43.1 x 68.58 cm;304SS

Grab sample sink 304SS with 1/2” FNPT drain connection

High-pressure inlet valve 1/4”OD compression type (for hot liquid) or 3/8”OD compression type (for steam). Inlet valve packing can be Teflon, PEEK or Grafoil. 

Coolant isolation and throttling valves BNZ

High temp thermal shut-off valve 304SS (for 0 – 3000 psi) or 316SS (for > 3000 psi) W6501

High pressure reducing valve 316SS

Temperature gauge 0–200°F/93°C;316SS

Pressure gauge 0–60 psig / 0 – 4.2 bar;316SS

Back pressure regulator 0–50 psig / 0 – 3.5 bar;316SS

Analyzer flowmeter 20 – 240 ml/min;acrylic and 316SS;with 1/4“ compression fitting outlet