High-Performance Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers

As a water chemistry specialist, you know how important it is to have reliable and accurate instrumentation. That’s why our Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers are the best on the market.

High-Performance Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers and Sensors

Our latest product offerings provide robust, reliable, and near-maintenance-free options. They utilize luminescent technology and touchscreen controls to deliver high accuracy and long-term stability compared to traditional dissolved oxygen sensing technologies. This results in cost and time savings for our customers.

9165 Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer | Waltron

9165 Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer

The 9165 LDO Analyzer utilizes optical technology for measuring dissolved oxygen in water at extremely low to sub-ppb levels, independent of flow.

Waltron 9165S LDO Smart Sensor

9165S Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Unleash precision like never before with Waltron’s cutting-edge 9165S LDO Smart Sensor, now in a sleek, cost-effective package.

9165s Sequenced LDO Analyzer

9165S Sequenced LDO Analyzer

The 9165S Sequenced LDO system offers cost-effective, accurate, and stable ppb-level measurement with multi-point sampling capabilities.


4000 DO Single Channel LDO Analyzer

The Waltron 4000 DO Analyzer revolutionizes dissolved oxygen measurement with unparalleled precision and a user-friendly design.

4073 Multi-Sensor Analyzer

New 4073 Multi-Sensor Analyzer

The Waltron 4073 Multi-Sensor Analyzer offers customizable sensor integration, easy installation, and advanced data logging for unmatched flexibility.

9065/9165 LDO Analyzer Calibration Kit

9065/9165 LDO Analyzer Calibration Kit

To ensure accurate self-calibration of your LDO, which is crucial every two years, we recommend our comprehensive LDO Calibration Kit.

Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Sensors & Systems for All Budgets

Are you worried that Luminescent Dissolved Technology is out of your budget? Don’t be.

Between the 9165S LDO Smart Sensor, 9165S Sequenced LDO, and 9165 LDO models, the best Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer technology is within reach.  

  • Complete touchscreen control with sample point labeling. 
  • Up to four sample streams on one electronics platform.
  • Excellent results are independent of the sample flow rate.
  • Simple system setup, operation, and no sensor maintenance.
  • No calibration or service for one to two years.
  • Independent configuration of ranges, alarms, and reading outputs.

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