Service and Support

Waltron is committed to helping its customers keep new and existing equipment running smoothly and efficiently. Our maintenance service solutions are customized to meet each customer’s unique needs.

Reagents, Standards, and Spare Parts

Waltron offers only the highest quality reagents, standards, and spare parts. Let Waltron help prevent equipment downtime due to out-of-stock items at your facility by blanket ordering reagents and standards. Blanket ordering provides:

  • Cost savings through discounts
  • Less hassle and minimal paperwork
  • Ease of scheduling, releasing, and/or holding shipments

Scheduled Maintenance

Let Waltron handle your equipment’s scheduled maintenance so you have more time for other requirements. A Waltron technician can perform scheduled maintenance items such as reagent replenishment, tubing replacement, and calibration while verifying that each analyzer is operating at its highest potential. On-site maintenance ensures that there is a minimal amount of downtime for critical sample points.

Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Calibration

Calibration of your LDO sensor may only come around once every two years, but when it does, it is essential that it gets done right. Waltron offers several solutions for LDO sensor calibration:

  • LDO Sensor Exchange Program (click here)
  • On-site calibration by a Waltron Technician
  • Factory calibration (quick turn-around)
  • Calibration kit available for purchase (click here)

Start-Up and Training

On-site training can be provided anytime, not limited to commissioning new analyzers. A Waltron technician can be on-site to ensure that analyzers are installed correctly and that sample and electrical connections meet specifications. Increased understanding of the analyzers through direct hands-on training will provide better awareness of analyzer functions and improved knowledge of basic maintenance procedures. Making sure that the equipment is working properly and users are trained from the start leads to the following:

  • Increased lifespan of the analyzer
  • More reliable performance
  • A better user experience


Should problems with your equipment arise, Waltron can inspect and repair analyzers on-site or at the factory.