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Trusted by industrial, municipal, and government clients worldwide, we provide various accessories and spare parts for instruments, specialty pumps, and chlorinators – all tailored for military applications.

Discover our Range of Non-Analyzer Products: From 4-Channel Sequencers to Sodium Analyzer Kits and Sample Conditioning Modules

In addition to our line of analyzers, Waltron produces various products designed to meet specific needs. We can create custom solutions to satisfy our customers’ individual situations. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your particular product requirements.

Waltron 9010 Sequencer

Waltron’s 9010 Four-Channel Sequencer

Waltron’s 9010 Four-Channel Sequencer enables connection and management of up to four samples with a single analyzer. It features configurable sample timers, relay inputs for continuous and batch processes, and latching analog outputs (4-20 mA) for independent sample line readings.

Sodium Analyzer Spare Parts Kit

Waltron’s Sodium Analyzer Spare Parts Kit

The kit features labeled compartments for easy use and reordering, including all essential plastic tube fittings and components to prevent issues like thermistor failures, calibration problems, flooding from broken fittings, and the inconvenience of ordering small parts.

9165s Sequenced LDO Analyzer

Waltron’s Sample Conditioning Module

Waltron Series Single Point Sample Conditioning Modules, pre-engineered to specifications and requiring minimal maintenance, efficiently lower sample temperature and pressure, offering versatility and protection for your instrumentation.

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