Sequenced Dissolved Oxygen?!?

Nobody does that — or at least nobody could do that until now. Check out Waltron’s all-new 9165S Sequenced LDO Smart Sensor with fully-automatic sequencing, near-zero maintenance, and reliable set-and-forget operation.  This instrument uses modern luminescent (optical) technology to detect single-digit ppb levels of Dissolved Oxygen in water, sharing one sensor across up to four sample streams. It’s a perfect solution for tight budgets — all the benefits of Waltron’s LDO but at an incredibly low per-sample stream price below $2000!

Electronics Upgrade: Waltron X-Module

Extend the life of your Waltron 9031C, 9032, and 9033 Sodium Analyzer, and add new functionality, control, and features. Waltron is pleased to provide its customers the opportunity to get more value out of their existing Sodium Analyzers. This upgrade effectively converts older instruments to the latest “X-Module” control system with touchscreen controls and an extended warranty, effectively converting a 9033 into a 9033X (9031C to 9031CX, or 9032 to 9032X).  While other manufacturers find ways to force their users to replace older equipment, Waltron believes that should be your decision to make, and an upgraded transmitter control system is an excellent option for many installations.

Order part number P4000-026X for model 9032, part number P4000-27X for model 9033, or part number X9031-XMU for model 9031C. The special promotional price for the upgrade is $2,500, including a one-year warranty.