International Installation – Fujian, China

When: May 2018
Where: Fujian Ningde Datang, China
Location: Baima port, Fu’an City, Ningde Prefecture, Fujian Province, China

This report showcases the recent installation and startup of multiple Waltron 3041 Silica Analyzers in the Fujian Province of China. The parent company Datang International Power Generation required consistently accurate and dependable on-line analyzers for their ultra-pure water to steam project. The Baim Port Facility is a major plant for the Fujian Province which produces 1,200 MW when fully running. They have been operating since 2009 and Waltron was chosen to be the partners for providing all the replacement analyzers for this project.

We are very pleased to report on the selection of Waltron analyzers to replace the existing units.

Operator training and maintenance was conducted during the startup period. Installation and startup can be stressful without the proper support. Waltron teams have support thorough operator training and we know it is essential for continued success.

The advantages of a touchscreen interface over the previous analyzers were evident to all operators during startup.