Waltron at the 2021 VGB Chemistry Conference

When: 10/26/2021
Where: Ulm, Germany

Hal Stansfield presenting “Online Analysis of Film-Forming Amines”

Now that industry conferences are resuming, Waltron had the chance to take part in the 2021 vgbe Chemiekonferenz held this October in Ulm, Germany. Presenting on behalf of the company was Chief Chemist Hal Stansfield, who related his experiences developing an online instrument to analyze and oversee the concentration of Film-Forming Amine products in power generation stations. These chemicals help cycling plants overcome the risk of corrosion caused by the regular dropping and resumption of load to facilitate greater use of renewable energy sources in the modern power grid.

Waltron CEO, Jon Guy, and EMEA General Manager, Willemijn Bijsterveld, meet with Tapio Werder, Editor-in-Chief of PPCHEM Magazine at the 2021 vgbe Chemiekonferenz in Ulm, Germany