Waltron 9091C Dissolved Hydrogen Analyzer

9091C Dissolved Hydrogen Analyzer

Range: 0-1000 μg/L

Range: 0-10 mg/L

Range: 0-100 cc/kg

The Waltron 9091/9091C Dissolved Hydrogen Analyzer is the intelligent choice for continuous measurement of dissolved hydrogen in ultrapure water applications. Measurement is based on a highly-accurate electro-chemical process. The 9091’s potentiostatic technology allows for a much faster response time than amperometric or colorimetric systems, ensuring short start-up times, easy operation, and low maintenance costs. Calibration is automated and the sensor can be mounted separately from the transmitter, allowing for remote control away from hazardous areas. Important application points include primary loop of nuclear power plants, boiler feedwater in thermal power plants, denitrification of drinking water, and catalytic reduction of oxygen on noble metal surfaces in water treatment plants. The dissolved hydrogen concentrations can provide quantitative and qualitative evidence of the rate of corrosion corresponding to the buildup or destruction of the protective oxide layer inside pipes and boiler tubes. Options include the online 9091 version and a portable 9091C for online and benchtop applications.

  • Fully automatic remote calibration

  • Wide range analysis: 0-1000 μg/L, 0-10 mg/L, 0-100 cc/kg

  • Automatic temperature and flow compensation

  • Fast response time (t90 = 30 sec)

  • No zero point adjustment required

  • Withstands pressures up to 8 bar (116 psi)

  • Low reagent consumption

  • Minimal maintenance required

  • Automatic operation


0 – 1000μg/L, 0-10 mg/L


+/- 3 % of reading

Response Time

t90 = 30 sec

Temperature Compensation



Automatic or manual

Current Outputs

0-20mA, 4-20mA (shunt max 500 Ohm)

Digital Outputs

serial interface RS232


flow, calibration, power


100VAC – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz


Sample Flow

3 – 18 L/h

Sample Temperature

32-140° F (0-60° C)

Ambient Temperature

32-131° F (0-55° C)


0.3 – 8 bar (5 – 116 psig)

Recommended Conditioning

Sample should be filtered to 60 microns

Sample Conductivity

≥ 2μS/cm ; salt cell is required if conductivity is less



Transmitter: Height=11” (27.7 cm), Width=7” (17.8 cm), Depth=7.75” (19.7 cm) with wall-mount bracket, Depth = 4.5” (11.4 cm) without wall-mount bracket

Wet Section: Height=6” (15 cm), Width=4” (10 cm), Depth=6” (15 cm)

Technical Documents