Introducing the Waltron 4000 Series

Streamline Water and Steam Monitoring with Waltron’s Latest Series of pH and Conductivity Analyzers

Waltron 4000 Series Transmitter

The 4000 Series

Introducing the next evolution of reliable and high-precision analyzers for the monitoring of conductivity and pH: the Waltron 4000 Series. Built and tested to the highest quality standards, this innovative and easy-to-use analytical instrumentation is the perfect tool to track water quality.

  • Parameters: Conductivity (Specific*, Degas, Electrodeless), pH, and Single-Channel LDO
  • Easy to install and configure with two relays and two 4-20mA outputs
  • Built-in temperature measurement capabilities.
  • Durable IP66 NEMA 4X enclosure can be panel, surface, or pipe-mounted
  • Simple, intuitive menu, with soft-touch buttons and a large, clear LCD backlit display
  • Choice of 12-30VDC or 90-265VAC versions

* Before or after Cation exchange


4000 SC Specific Conductivity Analyzer

Discover unparalleled precision with Waltron’s 4000 SC Specific Conductivity Analyzer, designed for definitive water and steam quality monitoring.


4000 EC Electrodeless Conductivity Analyzer

Waltron is proud to unveil the 4000 EC Electrodeless Conductivity Analyzer, a leap forward in precision water and steam monitoring. 


4000 DO Single Channel LDO Analyzer

The Waltron 4000 DO Analyzer revolutionizes dissolved oxygen measurement with unparalleled precision and a user-friendly design. 


Waltron 4000 PH pH and ORP Analyzer

Meet the Waltron 4000 PH, your ultimate solution for precise pH and ORP monitoring. It is engineered for unparalleled accuracy, featuring a versatile single-channel design.


4095 Multi-Conductivity Analyzer

Discover the cutting-edge Waltron 4095 Multi-Conductivity Analyzer, designed for optimal water and steam monitoring performance.

4073 Multi-Sensor Analyzer

4073 Multi-Channel / Multi-Sensor Analyzer

Introducing the paradigm of precision in water and steam monitoring: the Waltron 4073 Multi-Sensor Analyzer offering seamless integration of 1 to 3 channels.

4000 Series Product Overview

pH and Conductivity Analyzer

The Future of Precise Water Monitoring. Get our product overview and discover an innovative, user-friendly tool that guarantees top-quality results. Enhance your water quality tracking with the latest in reliable analytical instrumentation.

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