9096 Degas Cation Conductivity Analyzer

Range: 0-9.999µS/cm

Range: 0-99.9µS/cm

The Waltron 9096 Degas Cation Conductivity Analyzer delivers accurate measurement of specific, cation, and degassed cation conductivity (as well as calculated pH) in ultrapure water applications. The patented dynamic degassing module brings industry-leading degassing efficiency, with actionable results in less than 90 seconds. An enhanced color touchscreen user interface makes the 9096 easy and intuitive to operate and configure, and ready-to-use consumables simplify maintenance tasks. This combination-measurement technology brings the highest degassing efficiencies available on the market, delivers the most accurate measurements, and ensures 100% confidence in reducing turbine start-up times. This instrument uses ambient air forced against the flow of the water sample to achieve its high degassing efficiency, resulting in significantly faster indications than any other comparable systems available. Based on even the most conservative assumptions, the cost savings on each start-up cycle between the Waltron dynamic system and the fastest reboiler system is significant. Additional benefits are better energy efficiency and reduced emissions of heat and exhaust.

 Patented heatless dynamic degassing technology

 Industry-leading degassing efficiency

 Sample temperature fluctuation does not affect accuracy

 No gas emissions or volatile acids

 One transmitter for three conductivity values and pH

 Alarms for resin exhaustion and low degassing efficiency

 Easy to replace cation resin bottle

 Easy to mount stainless steel panel

 Significantly reduced turbine start-up times



0-10µS/cm, 0-100µS/cm


< 0.6% of the measuring range

Reagent Consumption (approximate)

Cation Resin (pre-rinsed) and Soda Lime; replace cartridges every two months

Sensor Classification

Cationic exchange and conductivity sensors

Degassing Efficiency


Data Storage

Extract via USB 2.0

Power Supply

AC 110 to 240 V +10 / -15%; 48 to 63 Hz or AC/DC 20 to 30 V; 48 t0 63 Hz



Sample Temperature Range

32 – 122° F (0 – 50 °C)

Ambient Temperature Range

32 – 140° F (0 – 60 °C)

Inlet Sample Flowrate

.031 – .044 GPM (7-10L/h), 6mm Swagelok

Inlet Sample Pressure

Maximum of 145 psig (10 bar)

Outlet Sample




Analog Outputs

5 x 0/4 – 20 mA for measured signals


General Alarm, Low Degassing Efficiency Alarm, Resin Exhausted Alarm






Transmitter – high strength ABS, IP67

Wet section – stainless steel or PVC


29 x 37 x 10″ (613 x 939 x 254mm)


Wall mount or Panel mount


Corrosion resistant

Technical Documents