Waltron’s Multi-Conductivity Analyzer Powers Up MGE’s Operational Efficiency

Integrating the Waltron Multi-Conductivity Analyzers at MGE has significantly improved the facility’s operational efficiency and reliability.

In the demanding world of power generation, maintaining optimal water quality is crucial for efficiency and longevity. For MGE, a power generation facility, accurate and consistent monitoring of their steam cycle has always been a top priority. The introduction of the Waltron Multicon analyzers has been a game-changer, tackling long-standing challenges and setting new standards for online water quality monitoring. The long-term impact for MGE includes:

Enhanced Accuracy and Consistency:
Reliable pH measurements in high-purity water ensure optimal steam cycle monitoring, setting a new standard for the industry.

Continuous, Reliable Data:
Overcoming sensor drift and interrupted flow has resulted in uninterrupted, accurate data for critical operations.

Optimized Steam Quality:
Tailored algorithms and chemistry-specific measurements have improved steam quality, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Improved Instrument Performance:
Addressing flow measurement complexities and resin clogging has enhanced monitoring instruments’ overall performance and lifespan.

Innovation and Excellence:
MGE’s successful implementation of the Multicon analyzer demonstrates its commitment to innovation, setting a benchmark in the power generation industry.

4095 Multi-Conductivity Analyzer

“MGE has been happy with the performance of the Waltron Multicon analyzers. 

If you are experiencing issues with pH measurement in steam cycle systems, it may be worth investing in a Waltron Multicon to save some headaches.”

Jeff Marcouiller

Cogeneration Facility Assistant Manager
Madison Gas and Electric Company

MGE’s Challenge

MGE faced several challenges common in power generation facilities but difficult to overcome, which they brought to Waltron seeking a reliable and low-maintenance piece of equipment:

Inconsistent pH Measurements:
Accurate pH measurement in high purity water proved elusive, impacting the effectiveness of steam cycle monitoring.

Sensor Drift:
Due to the facility’s cycling nature, the pH sensor suffered from drift, as there was never a continuous flow over it.

Flow Measurement and Resin Clogging:
Maintaining accurate flow measurements was complex, and resin-clogging screens compromised the performance of monitoring instruments.

Seasonal Chemistry Adjustments:
Alternating between ammonium hydroxide and a blend of cyclohexylamine/diethylethanolamine based on seasonal requirements further complicated consistent pH control.

Waltron’s Solution

The deployment of the Waltron Multicon analyzer transformed these challenges into benchmarks of success. Here’s how the Multicon analyzer met and exceeded expectations:

✅  Accurate pH Measurement:
The Multicon provided accurate and consistent pH readings by measuring conductivity and cation conductivity to calculate pH using an advanced algorithm tailored to MGE’s specific chemistry.

✅  Mitigation of Sensor Drift:
The innovative design of the Multicon analyzer ensured continuous, reliable data even with interrupted flow.

✅  Enhanced Flow Measurement:
The analyzer’s advanced capabilities improved flow measurement accuracy and mitigated issues related to resin clogging.

✅  Tailored Algorithms for Seasonal Chemistries:
With specific conductivities between 8 and 13 uS/cm, the Multicon seamlessly managed the alternation between different feedwater chemistries, ensuring optimal pH control throughout the year.

Waltron’s Multi-Conductivity Analyzer Products

The success of the Waltron Multicon analyzer led to the development of the Waltron 4095 Multi-Conductivity Analyzer. This next-generation solution offers unparalleled accuracy with conductivity ranges of 0-9.999µS/cm and 0-99.99µS/cm. Designed for power plants, water treatment facilities, and chemical manufacturers, the Waltron 4095 features single-transmitter displays of specific and cation conductivity, calculated pH values, onboard data logging, and live trending. Its easy integration and quick-change cation exchanger ensure streamlined operations and continued water and steam monitoring excellence.

4095 Multi-Conductivity Analyzer

The Waltron 4095 Multi-Conductivity Analyzer, designed for optimal performance in water and steam monitoring. Catering specifically to the needs of power plants, water treatment facilities, and chemical manufacturers, this advanced solution offers unparalleled accuracy with a range of 0-9.999µS/cm and 0-99.99µS/cm. Thanks to its slide-in 1/4-DIN IP66 panel-mount enclosure, the Waltron 4095 is a breeze to integrate into existing systems or to pair with a new Waltron cation exchanger. Experience streamlined operations with single-transmitter displays of specific and cation conductivity, calculated pH values, and the ease of on-board data logging and live trending.

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9095 Multi-Conductivity Analyzer

The Waltron 9095 Multi-Conductivity Analyzer continuously measures conductivity before and after cation exchange, while automatically calculating the pH value of the sample and alkalizing reagent concentration of feed-water, steam, and condensate. An enhanced color touchscreen user interface makes the 9095 easy and intuitive to operate and configure. This combination-measurement technology saves panel space and delivers the most accurate specific and cation conductivity measurements with simple maintenance and consumables. Experience the benefits of precise monitoring and simplified operations with the Waltron 9095.

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